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Barry Johnson

Polarity Certifications: Creator of the Polarity Map®, Polarity Thinking™ Principals and Mastery
Grand Rapids, MI USA

For 37 years Barry has shared his enthusiasm and passion for Polarity Thinking™ with tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations around the world. As Chairman and Chief Thought Leader in the company, he continues to extend the boundaries of what we know about and can do with the powerful energy systems contained in all polarities. 

Barry is both humbled by and proud of the worldwide learning and practice community dedicated to the study and application of Polarities that he has helped create. His personal mission is to help people to deliberately leverage the polarity wisdom that can be found in human culture for thousands of years into conscious, active use for the advantage of all people today. 

His seminal book, Polarity Management:  Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems, captures the foundation of this power approach. More recent articles and a book he co-authored on polarities in congregations is where you’ll find Barry’s latest thinking. He and his wife Dana enjoy traveling the open highways in their “5th Wheel” camper stopping to visit old and make new friends, bicycle and kayak.

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