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Jake with Map June 2011
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Tom and Brian June 2011 Cert
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In today's world of increasing polarization, it is vital, now more than ever, to be able to utilize both problem solving skills AND both/and thinking skills. More and more, top leaders and organizations are turning their attention toward addressing paradox with the intention of creating sustainable growth and effectiveness. Learn how Polarity Thinking™ and the Polarity Map® are the most robust set of resources to effectively address paradox to achieve your preferred future faster and more sustainably. 

Our mission is to promote a higher quality of life for individuals, organizations, and the planet through Polarity Thinking. We achieve this through:

-The Polarity Resource Portal (www.polarityresources.com) that provides a suite of online resources to support anyone with a desire to use Polarity Thinking to build their personal and professional skills

-Providing professional online resources and organization effeciveness tools for consultants and leaders to use anytime, anywhere within their consulting practices, teams, and organizations

-Providing world class training, certification and support in Polarity concepts, practices and tools

-Forming Strategic Partnerships with consulting organizations and building their capacity to develop
Polarity approaches, programs and services within an expanded suite of client offerings
New revenue streams using co-branded products and assessments
Broader client engagements and revenue associated with these programs and services

Polarity Partnerships also provides direct consulting services in the following contexts:

-Culture Change
-Stakeholder Engagement
-Business Transformation Initiatives
-Project Management
-Team and Leadership Development
-IT Implementations
-360 Feedback & Leadership Coaching

For more information, please contact us here.