Consulting and Capacity Building in Polarity Thinking™

In 1975, Barry Johnson developed the Polarity Map© to leverage the power inherent in interdependent pairs of values, competencies, and/or strategic outcomes. In 2011, Polarity Partnerships introduced the Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™), a 5-Step Process that individuals, teams and organizations can use to systematically See, Map, Assess, Learn and Leverage their most strategic Polarities.

Polarity Partnerships builds capacity in HR, OD and consulting professionals to deliver Polarity Thinking Programs and services to your clients by supporting you in:
* Integrating Polarity Thinking into your existing client offerings
* Bringing new Polarity Thinking offerings to your clients including services, programs, products and approaches
* Broadening your client engagements and increasing revenue streams associated with delivery of these programs and services

Polarity Partnerships also provides direct consulting services to leaders, teams and organizations in the following contexts:
* Strategy
* Culture Change
* Stakeholder Engagement
* Business Transformation Initiatives
* Project management
* Team and Leaderships Development
* IT Implementation
* 360˚ Feedback and Leadership Coaching

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