Introducing Polarity Partnerships

Barry Johnson, Leslie DePol and Jake Jacobs are proud to announce the merging of their three companies to form Polarity Partnerships, an organization passionate about the continuity and transformation of individuals, organizations and the planet through "Seeing," "Mapping," and "Leveraging" the energy contained in Polarities.

Since 1975, Barry Johnson and Polarity Management Associates have taught people to leverage the energy in Polarities that impact individuals, organizations, and the planet. Jake Jacobs and Winds of Change Group evolved the theory and practice of Real Time Strategic Change to help people get clear, connected, committed, and achieving their preferred futures faster.  Leslie DePol and Lasting Impact integrated the best of the best in organization development approaches to achieve desired results supported by shared interests and collaborative relationships.

Please join us at our next Polarity Thinking Learning Community on April 11-12 in Toronto. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you and continuing our journey together.


Barry, Leslie & Jake

Your Mission Matters to Us

All of our work with you is aimed squarely at helping you achieve your mission. You might need to improve your bottom line, implement your strategic plan, insure profitable growth or be a place where people love to work. It is some version of moving toward your preferred future more efficiently and more sustainably.   More...