Threshold Associates facilitate transformational change in organizations and communities through stakeholder engagement, large-scale change processes and leadership development. We work with business, community and public service leaders (within Canada and Internationally) to develop their capacity to bridge differences and work effectively across sectors. Our approaches to transformational change help our clients learn to rethink issues, create innovative solutions to persistent challenges, and foster long-term growth and resilience.

We address what we have come to call "messy opportunities" – social problems or business opportunities that defy ordinary conflict resolution strategies or technical fixes; issues that go beyond problem solving and into the realm of stakeholder co-creation. This is where polarity thinking comes in. We use polarity thinking to help organizations, teams and leaders use the tensions and trade-offs that arise in their strategic and operational planning as levers for faster and more sustainable change. 

We value partnering and building capability with our clients. This means that our clients are able to continue the work we begin together, whether the focus is on leadership development, polarity thinking or large system change. We build capability throughout an engagement, working shoulder to shoulder with business leaders in designing and implementing approaches to address messy opportunities they face and sustain momentum and change after we leave.