The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) offers what no one else can: an exclusive focus on leadership education and research and unparalleled expertise in solving the leadership challenges of individuals and organizations everywhere. We equip clients around the world with the skills and insight to achieve more than they thought possible through creative leadership.

What is creative leadership? It's the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit our effectiveness. Every leader and organization faces obstacles that are difficult to surmount - from corporate executives confronting the complex global marketplace to educators trying to lift student achievement to nonprofit groups and government agencies addressing critical social issues with tight budgets.

CCL believes that solutions to these challenges exist — and for over 40 years we have helped clients unlock them through creative leadership. We believe leaders are made, not born, and that they can adapt and change. We believe that strong interpersonal skills, grounded in personal reflection and self-awareness, are the key to effective leadership.

The primary emphasis of Frew & Associates programs is to expose leaders at every level to foundational and often invisible performance and leadership concepts, that if mastered, can result in peak performing individuals, teams, and organizations.  We promote a High Order Thought ™ framework that promotes higher clarity of thought.  The concept includes mind state awareness, appropriate thinking and mindsets, effective communications, and using reflection as a way of generating new and better insight.  We illuminate typical illusions and explore the use of energy in an effort to expand boundaries and horizons.   The application of Polarity Thinking™ is often used to help our clients meet increasingly complex business challenges and that feeds conflict and inhibits growth and change.  We provide a variety of forums and interventions that improve trust, alignment, communication, performance and organizational health.

Our work has proven valuable to organizations being able to build stronger bench strength, be more agile and adaptive, as well as to create useful new cultures with which to deal with uncertain futures.  We facilitate provocative, honest dialogs that encourage attendees to question their thinking and beliefs.  Our combination of custom designed content, expert facilitation, integrated design, and provocative discussion have generated stronger organizations.

Real Time Strategic Change is a global consulting firm specialized in helping organizations create fast and lasting results.  Our mission is to support companies, communities, and countries in creating fast and lasting results — whatever they may be.  We work with our clients using these values:

  • Fast change and lasting change
  • Predictable outcomes and flexible processes
  • Creating change and “change able” organizations
  • Clear guidance and innovative solutions
  • A great experience and solid results.

At first value pairs may seem like they’re in conflict with each other. However, they’re no more in conflict than having to choose between making changes in your organization and keeping the status quo in place. But that’s a false choice. The best way to bring about change in an organization is to paradoxically reinforce what is going to stay the same.

These values that guide our work are based on this same concept called Polarity Thinking™.

Robert "Jake" Jacobs, founder and CEO of Real Time Strategic Change, is a pioneer in the field of large group interventions.  He has authored and contributed to seven books and worked with some of the largest corporations in the world including American Express, Corning, Ford, The Home Depot, Marriott, Mobil Oil, and TJ Maxx.

The Bonnie Wesorick Center for Health Care Transformation is an endowed center promoting interprofessional collaboration through the Kirkhof College of Nursing at Grand Valley State University.  As a scholarly center developed to honor the legacy work of Bonnie Wesorick, it is home to the Interprofessional Institute for Polarity Thinking in Health Care, which is focused on teaching the skills of Polarity Thinking to groups in academia and practice. 

The Wesorick Center also coordinates scholarly research, events and collaborative projects that join practice with academia to advance the transformation of health care and address issues within health care systems.  The Bonnie Wesorick Center for Health Care Transformation aims to be the most relevant center that improves person-centered care and health outcomes as it links practice issues with academic services and innovations.  Based in West Michigan, the center’s constituents include students, faculty and community partners from local, regional and international settings.

The Center for Character Based Leadership - Minneapolis, MN:  When left unattended, culture can become an unintended barrier to putting new ideas into action. This “cultural drift” gets in the way of action. We work with your leaders to see themselves as active culture builders. We work with you to identify and focus on the cultural levers that will make a real difference to your performance culture. With clear intentions we can focus on the right indicators to help everyone track and have robust conversations about action and accountability for shaping a productive, resilient culture.


The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) is an international foundation established in 1995, with 51 member states, for the primary purpose of promoting peace, security and international cooperation through executive education, dialogue and policy analysis. The centre equips a diverse range of experts, leaders and practitioners with the skills and community they need to help their organizations thrive in today’s ever-changing security landscape.  Specialties Include:  Security Policy, Dialogue, Courses, Executive Education, Policy Analysis, Crisis Management, Peace-building, Cyber Security, Defense and Diplomacy, Outer Space Security, Arms Proliferation, Global Risk and Resilience, and Geopolitics.

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MissingLogic, LLCSM. - West Michigan, USA.   Healthcare is complex and full of persistent, unsolvable problems. The common approach is to apply problem solving logic and “quick fix” or single focused solutions. At Missing Logic, LLCSM we equip individuals and healthcare organizations with game changing logic, principles and processes that enable them to leverage the tensions they experience and differentiate them from problems to be solved.  Assessments and real-time metrics guide action strategies that prevent vicious cycles where money, time and resources are wasted.  As a result, individuals and organizations can achieve short-term goals and sustainable long-term outcomes. 

Our aim is to become the catalyst for applying Polarity Thinking™ throughout the healthcare industry.  We have developed a unique on-line program for clinicians and a step-by-step phased service methodology for healthcare organizations.

Our passion and focus are to guide healthcare organizations toward a sustainable Quadruple Aim (improving population health, reducing costs, enhancing the patient experience and improving clinician well-being) and to move individual clinicians toward well-being and a dynamic balance between work and life.