Strategic Partner Organizations become certified and licensed to deliver Polarity related services and tools to their customers, clients and students. Strategic Partner fees vary depending on the size of the Organization and its client portfolio, how it intends to embed Polarity into its current and future offerings, and the number of resources it needs to train and license to deliver Polarity concepts, practices and tools. All Strategic Partners receive the following benefits: 

  • Certification in Polarity concepts, practices and tools including our Foundations and Professional Applications in The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) and S.M.A.L.L. Process™: 

    • Online and In-person training modes available for our Certification Program 

    • Ongoing access to tutorial videos, designs, presentations, sample proposals, articles and white papers (may be reproduced at no charge) 

    • 300+ page PACT™ Guidebook outlining detailed approaches and methods 

  • Online Polarity Resource Portal, including:

    • Certified and Basic User accounts (no special training required) to support your efforts to See, Map, Assess, Learn and Leverage Polarities with clients & students 

    • Webinars and recorded webcasts exploring current topics and challenges through a Polarity lens led by Polarity Partnerships, Certified Practitioners and Client Organizations 

    • Polarity Partnerships’ Public Library of Polarity Maps® for common Polarities experienced by a variety of clients across market sectors and contexts 

    • Organization & Personal Polarity Map® Libraries for customized Polarity Maps® created to respond to your client’s needs and demonstrate your unique value proposition 

    • Real-time Polarity Assessment™ results reporting capability for client-driven analytics 

    • Ability to administer off-the-shelf, modified and fully custom Polarity Assessments™ for Organizations, Teams, Self-Assessments and 360’s to measure how well your client is currently leveraging their key polarities and achieving their desired results 

  • No Cost Polarity Marketing Demo Assessments to market your consulting, training and coaching offerings to existing and potential clients using a Polarity Assessment™. Share an assessment link on your website, social media outlets, email campaigns, etc. 

  • Prominent visibility on the Polarity Partnerships website as a Certified Strategic Partner Organization.

  • Support to optimize the integration of Polarity Thinking and PACT™ into your unique approaches, principles, practices and tools. Reduced co-delivery fees when appropriate & desired. 

  • Additional revenue streams associated with Polarity Thinking™ offerings (including both active and passive streams of revenue associated with Certified Polarity Programs, workshops, consulting, product mark-ups, and client licensing of the Polarity Resource Portal). 

  • License to Co-brand / White-label products and services related to Polarity Thinking and PACT™ 

  • A valuable theory and practice differentiator in your consulting, coaching, training & development and educational markets 

Strategic Partner Licensing Fees includes 2 elements: 

1) Capacity Building Fees - These are a one-time start-up cost related to certifying a Strategic Partner’s resources in Foundations and Professional Applications in PACT™ (modes of training vary depending on Partner needs and include a blend of online and in-person training). In addition to 3-5 Certification Program days, we include consulting days for support related to accelerating integration of Polarity concepts, designs and tools into your existing & future client offerings. 

2) Annual Licensing Fees – These fees recur each year a Partner wishes to renew their license and vary depending on the size of the Partner Organization and its client portfolio as well as how a Partner is embedding Polarity into its offerings.

Strategic Partners May Provide Their Client Organizations with a License to the Polarity Resource Portal where access to Polarity concepts, practices and tools that were a part of your engagement is made available to a broader base of your client’s system. No special training is required to access the Polarity Resource Portal at a Basic User level. Clients can access the following Polarity resources on your LMS Platform or white-labeled Polarity Portal, Polarity Partnerships’ hosted site or be seamlessly accessed through your client’s LMS with single sign on. The Polarity Resource Portal includes: 

  • Basic User Accounts for Client Organization Employees (no special training required)

  • Step-by-step guidance and resources related to Seeing, Mapping, Assessing, Learning and Leveraging Polarities immediately and over time 

  • Introductory & overview video tutorials to build awareness of what Polarities are, how they impact our aspirations & challenges and how our responses to them can generate vicious or virtuous cycles 

  • A Public Library of Polarity Maps® for common polarities experienced by individuals, teams and organizations 

  • Personal Polarity Map® Library so individuals can track and build upon their Polarity insights and actions 

Strategic Partners May Offer Client Organizations Full Certification Training 

Certification training prepares internal resources to apply advanced PACT™ concepts, practices and tools in a variety of training, coaching and consulting contexts inside their Organization. Fully trained and licensed Client Organizations receive the following services & benefits: 

  • Training and consulting support applied to an Organizations’ most pressing issues and opportunities. Available as in-person, facilitated online, self-paced & independent programs or a blend of any or all of these delivery modes. 

  • 300+ page PACT™ Guidebook outlining detailed approaches and methods for applying Polarity Thinking™ and PACT™ to drive leader and organization effectiveness 

  • Certified Practitioner Accounts for all resources receiving certification in PACT™ Foundations and Professional Applications with all of the features and functionality of the Basic Member Accounts PLUS:

    • Added functionality to conduct common and custom Polarity Assessments™ to determine how well leaders, teams and/or organization are leveraging its key polarities. Monitor progress over time and course correct as needed to sustain momentum and success 

    • Advanced Polarity workshop and webinar recordings and power point presentations to assist in the ongoing personal and professional development of key internal resources 

    • Continued access to all Foundations in PACT™ Training Videos 

  • Basic User Accounts to help cascade Polarity concepts, practices and tools throughout the organization through independent, self-service access to Polarity training materials.