Sierra-Cedar delivers innovative change management services to help our Workday clients prepare for and manage the business, organizational and workforce transitions in environments that are moving at an accelerating pace. Most traditional transformation and adoption approaches use either/or and from/to thinking, searching for "one right answer." This approach can unintentionally distort the picture of an organization's present realities, putting them on an unsustainable course and preventing the organization from achieving desired results.

Our approach is a quantitative, results-based process where actionable activities are developed to address opposing opinions or desires specifically identified by an organization’s stakeholders. We leverage distinctive, data-driven insights to increase the certainty of a successful Workday deployment and help organizations obtain clarity about their strengths and vulnerabilities when approaching a Workday deployment.

Our goal is to help organizations become thriving, self-sufficient and empowered to embrace the continuous change inherent with a Workday solution.