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New Book on Polarity Thinking

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New Book on Polarity Thinking

Advance Readership of Barry Johnson's Upcoming Book
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Barry’s new book based on 25 years of application!!

I am excited to be finishing my new book on Polarity Thinking™. It will be published by the end of this year, 27 years after my first book. The new book, AND, Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma. Volume 1 – Foundations, will contain the latest evolution of Polarity Thinking based on 25 years of application all over the world. The focus is on levels of system from the individual, family, team and organizations to national and international issues. You can get electronic (.pdf) copies of advance chapters as they are being written AND get an autographed copy of the first, printed edition when it comes out in 2019. You will get some chapters immediately and the remaining chapters automatically as they are written and I will get support to finish the book.

The cost is $50.00 in the United States and slightly more for shipping outside the United States.

Thank you for considering my proposal,

Barry Johnson, Originator of the Polarity Map® and Principles

PS If you are interested in other materials and opportunities provided by me and Polarity Partnerships, you can access additional resources at www.polarityresources.com

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Missing Logic Radio Interview

WGVU Morning Show Host Shelley Irwin interviews Missing Logic co-founders Tracy Christopherson and Michelle Troseth about how the woman-owned healthcare coaching and consulting business is using Polarity Thinking to make a difference in their community and the health care sector at large.

Click Here For the Interview

WGVU-FM is an NPR Talk radio station serving the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. The station is owned by Grand Valley State University,


The Police Chief (July 5, 2017): web article.  Click Here


The Police Chief (July 5, 2017): web article. Click Here

How Charleston SC's Illumination Project employs a Polarity Lens to improve community-police relationships by building trust and legitimacy.  

This project was developed and is supported by Polarity Masters Greg Mullen, Charleston SC Chief of Police, Margaret Seidler, Chandra Irvin and Robert (Jake) Jacobs.