The value of “Either / Or” problem solving thinking for leaders, teams, and organizations cannot be overstated. However, in “Built to Last” Jim Collins and Jerry Porras describe the “Tyranny of the OR … a rational view that cannot live with two seemingly contradictory forces or ideas at the same time.” They highlight the importance of embracing the “Genius of the AND,”  - what we at Polarity Partnerships call “Both / And” Polarity Thinking™

Advocating to replace “Either / Or” problem solving thinking with “Both / And” Polarity Thinking™ would be setting a very poor example – they’re both necessary and useful and a key polarity that all leaders, teams, and organizations must leverage to be successful! To meet the challenges of today and tomorrow’s rapidly changing business environment head-on, we need the benefits of both types of thinking.

Polarity Thinking™ can sometimes fly in the face of modern business culture and traditional problem solving. Experienced coaches at Polarity Partnerships can support you to achieve the genius of the best of both types of thinking and minimize the “tyranny” that can result from overemphasizing either one of these important thinking skills to the neglect of the other. 

Coaching leaders, teams, and organizations in this critically important thinking distinction can make the difference between fixes that fail, and sustainable synergy.

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