Many organizations devote enormous time, money and energy to “culture change” efforts. They focus on freeing themselves from an entrenched culture that no longer seems to be serving them well.  In most cases nothing “changes.” In other situations people can point to business being done in new ways early in the effort…but six months later the culture has reverted back to the way things have always been. Why?

There are two key Polarities that have likely been leveraged poorly, turning the odds of succeeding in your culture work against you:

  1. Continuity and Change – “Culture Change” efforts, by their name alone, have already begun to sow the seeds of their own failure. People naturally – and rightfully – resist a focus on Change without an equal focus on Continuity. Culture is the glue that holds organizations together. Paradoxically, if you want to change aspects of your culture for the future, pay attention to those parts of your culture you want to make sure to preserve from your past.
  2. Creating and Sustaining – Is it more important to create a culture that supports your strategy, makes you an “employer of choice,” and enables you to win in the marketplace….or to sustain it over time? Easy decision both! At Polarity Partnerships we’ll work with you to create an enduring culture, one that positions you for success now and into the future.

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