Dear Mastery 5 Colleagues,

Below is a list of pre-work that will support you in getting the most out of Sessions 4 and 5 in which we focus on our web based PACT Assessment. If you have any questions, please contact us at (916) 246-8253 or

Pre-work for Session 4:

  • Log in to your Polarity Resource Portal Account (you will receive an automated email with log in credentials) and create a Polarity Assessment™. (See attached Step-by-Step instruction sheet). This will take you about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Action Learning PACT™ Application - You will be on 1 of 3 teams working with 3 Cincinnati based clients: 
    • Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses
    • Worker Owned Cooperative
    • Hilton Hotel
  • In anticipation of Session 4 with this client, please do the pre-work described below. 
    • Videos: In the “Resources” section of the Polarity Resource Portal, you’ll find videos, articles, and more. One of these tabs will be for the “Foundations in PACT™ Videos.” This is a full list of the videos that are used in our Foundations Program. Please watch all of these videos, and contact with any questions you have prior to the training.