Coaching leaders through a Polarity Lens provides a unique approach to this personal development work. Follow it and you won’t get stuck in the common trap of “From - To” counsel that assumes that there are problems you need to solve (what you need to move “From”) and solutions to be implemented (where you need to move “To”).

A Polarity based approach recognizes that an “Either / Or” mindset to coaching only deals with one half of reality.  Say you get feedback that you are too Rigid and need to become more Flexible. An “Either / Or” mindset sees “Rigid” as the problem and “Flexible” as the solution.

A Polarity Thinking™ approach recognizes that Rigid is the downside of “Structured” and Flexible is an upside of “Adaptive.”  There are benefits to being Structured (clear, organized, etc.) and costs of being too Flexible (confusing, disorganized, etc.). We believe the modest gains some people experience with even the best coaches can be traced to this “Either / Or,” approach to the “Both / And” dynamics of a coaching relationship.

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