Upcoming Programs

We offer our Foundations in PACT™ Program both in person and online. The in person course is a 2 day workshop with follow up support to complete an Action Learning Project. The Online Foundations in PACT™ provides online learning paired with assignments and real-world applications over a period of weeks. This program leverages flexibility AND structure in its design with self-direction on the part of students who can expect to commit a total of 20-30 hours of study time, which includes four 2-hour live videoconferences. Readings, videos to watch, and assignments are required for completion in advance of each 2-hour videoconference meetings, including the first meeting. Each student should budget approximately 5-7 hours for preparation and study prior to each virtual meeting. Successful completion of the program fulfills the prerequisite for the Advanced Applications in PACT™: Certification and Licensing Program and the 2-year Polarity Mastery Program.

Purpose - Build foundational knowledge, skills and experience in Polarity Thinking™ and the Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™)

Desired Outcomes:

  • Clearly understand and describe what polarities are and how they work in human systems
  • Distinguish problems to solve from polarities to leverage
  • Become familiar with common polarities in the business literature
  • Learn and apply the 5-Step S.M.A.L.L. process for leveraging polarities:
    • Seeing - appreciate complex challenges and opportunities and see more of the whole reality
    • Mapping - identify your desired results, values, and fears related to your most strategic Polarities with the Polarity Map®
    • Assessing - use the Polarity Assessment™ to gather information from key stakeholders, team members, employees, etc.
    • Learning – make meaning from assessment results, gaining insight into current strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Leveraging – develop quality Action Steps and measurable Early Warnings to help achieve your preferred future faster and more sustainably 
  • Learn how leaders, teams, and organization systems get hooked and stuck in Polarity tensions, and the process for getting unstuck
  • Apply the PACT™ in an Action Learning Project

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