John Ledwith is an Executive Leadership Coach and Organization Development Consultant with a strong passion for working with bright leaders to make a significant difference in their organizations. Clients report greater focus, awareness and insight, whether Senior Executives of billion dollar companies needing new strategies for a changing world, a non-profit board seeking to better change the world, or individuals ready for a change. John helps leaders expand strategic, operational and behavioral options when faced with complex challenges. With more confidence and new approaches, clients report greater impact and success with organizations, customers, and employees. John has 30+ years of experience in helping organizations:

  • Develop Strategies, Leaders, & Teams
  • Align Strategies with Business, Culture, & People
  • Manage Polarities, Change, Transitions & Succession

He has worked with Senior Executives of billion dollar companies, non-profit boards and individuals ready for a change His clients span science, engineering, research, development, defense, manufacturing, financial services, education, government, government contractors, healthcare, hospitality, and social services.

John lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An aspiring woodworker and musician, he is currently making his first classical guitar.