Charlie Garland is President of The Innovation Outlet, an independent team of innovation and business strategy consultants; he is also a Senior Fellow at HITLAB (Healthcare Innovation & Technology Laboratory) at Columbia University Medical Center. Charlie has helped drive innovation across a wide range of industries, organizations, and functional domains. He has developed an entire portfolio of novel innovation tools, methods, and logical models (Cognitive Buoyancy, The Innovation Cube, Value-Driven Thinking, and more).  He regularly works with business leaders to improve strategies, with Sales and Marketing professionals to improve lead generation and sales results, with doctors to reduce diagnostic errors, and with NASA to improve astronauts' cognitive performance.  He is currently developing polarity-driven methods to help teach CxO's, doctors, and other professionals to avoid "physician burnout" and/or executive stress.

Mr. Garland presented two keynote speeches at the ASQ (American Society of Quality) BOSCON conference in April, 2016 (see:, which received rave reviews from the audience and organizers alike.  They have since invited him to be part of their Pro-Track Educational Roadshow at all future ASQ conferences, the next occurring in Memphis in October, 2016.  These presentations were titled:

  • "Cognitive Buoyancy: The Trigger to Innovative Thinking"
  • "Leveraging Organizational Polarities: An Innovative Approach to Identifying, Reframing, and Addressing 'Unsolvable' Problems"

Copies of these presentations are available upon request.  Charlie regularly incorporates Polarity Thinking into every phase of his consulting and coaching methodologies -- both implicitly and explicitly, as appropriate.  Charlie earned his MBA from Tuck/Dartmouth and lives and works in New York City.