Liz Monroe-Cook is a consulting psychologist with more than 25 years of providing facilitation, training, research and individual consultation. Her rich and eclectic work history has led her to use an integrative approach with all of her clients. Her interest in creativity, creative thinking and innovation has been fulfilled through many years of leadership at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, held annually by the Creative Education Foundation. Her interest in systems thinking drew her to Polarity Thinking™, which she has incorporated as a central approach to organization and individual development.  As part of Polarity Partnerships, Liz specializes in blending the perspectives and tools of Polarity Thinking™ and Creative Problem Solving, presenting them together frequently and using both in her consulting practice. She is a graduate of the first Polarity Thinking™ Mastery Program, and a recipient of the Creative Education Foundation’s Distinguished Leader Award. She lives with her husband (and fellow psychologist), Dale, in Oak Park, Illinois.