Dr. Sandra M. Martínez is the founder and Principal of Fénix Leadership & Development, offering executive coaching and consulting services globally.  She brings over 20 years of broad and substantive experience in diverse sectors and industries, including: technology and science-driven firms; government; education; non-profit agencies; and, international development organizations.  Martínez also brings the intellectual rigor and analysis of a published research scholar to her work.  She is especially interested in the integration of Polarity Thinking™ and adult developmental theory, having found that together they offer a powerful framework and set of tools to build awareness, accelerate leadership development, and achieve sustainable change through strategic initiatives for her clients.  Having lived and worked in Europe and Latin America, she also incorporates a multi-layered appreciation of different systems and cultures in her design, method of inquiry and facilitation with individuals and organizations. 

Martínez is passionate about assisting and supporting her clients in realizing their business performance goals and strategic objectives, while simultaneously enabling them to explore their values and goals for personal development and for achieving greater effectiveness in the long term.  She is a Licensed PACT™ consultant and, in the summer of 2017, she will complete a 2-year Mastery Program, which will position her to deliver the highest level of consultation in Polarity Thinking™.