Nicole Welch is accomplished human resources professional with over fifteen years of experience in recruitment, on-boarding, organization change management, coaching, project leadership, strategic and operational planning, need assessment, resource identification, process and change facilitation.  She is known for her enthusiastic and engaging training style. As an articulate communicator and attentive, active listener, who possess excellent verbal, collaborative and facilitation skills, she has an excellent record of conducting successful training events with sustainable business results. Nicole is a detailed-oriented achiever with strong business background and experience in the trenches of business operations. She often uses the Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) in educational classes and organizational change consulting. Nicole also finds the Polarity Approach is helpful in individual and group coaching sessions to support the client in sustaining long term position change.


Kay Peterson

Kay Peterson is a founder and the Co-CEO of Harlan Peterson Partners, an organization development and executive coaching firm serving professionals nationwide. Kay and her partners have created unique programs that integrate polarities and Experiential Learning to support professionals and subject matter experts as they manage tensions to assume positions as leaders, owners and entrepreneurs. Kay has worked with individuals, teams and organizations in law, health care, service, manufacturing and education from Fortune 100 companies and AmLaw 50 firms to privately held family businesses. Her work has been published in Harvard Business Review Guides, OD Practitioner and Journal of Experiential Education.  


Dr. Sandra M. Martínez

Dr. Sandra M. Martínez is the founder and Principal of Fénix Leadership & Development, offering executive coaching and consulting services globally.  She brings over 20 years of broad and substantive experience in diverse sectors and industries, including: technology and science-driven firms; government; education; non-profit agencies; and, international development organizations.  Martínez also brings the intellectual rigor and analysis of a published research scholar to her work.  She is especially interested in the integration of Polarity Thinking™ and adult developmental theory, having found that together they offer a powerful framework and set of tools to build awareness, accelerate leadership development, and achieve sustainable change through strategic initiatives for her clients.  Having lived and worked in Europe and Latin America, she also incorporates a multi-layered appreciation of different systems and cultures in her design, method of inquiry and facilitation with individuals and organizations. 

Martínez is passionate about assisting and supporting her clients in realizing their business performance goals and strategic objectives, while simultaneously enabling them to explore their values and goals for personal development and for achieving greater effectiveness in the long term.  She is a Licensed PACT™ consultant and, in the summer of 2017, she will complete a 2-year Mastery Program, which will position her to deliver the highest level of consultation in Polarity Thinking™.



Linda Brown, Ph.D.

Linda Brown, Ph.D.

Linda applies Polarity Thinking and principles in her business psychology practice with senior leaders and their organizations. She works in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, team development, employee engagement, and psychological and organizational assessment. Linda’s business experience, training in Industrial/Organizational psychology, and Gestalt Coaching combine to serve her clients with “handmade” approaches that fit their culture and needs. Her background in measurement and statistics helps clients determine specific areas for focus before any work begins so that the devoted effort and resources result in the desired outcomes. 

Her business background includes over 20 years of leadership experience companies including Nestlé, Kenworth Truck Company, Bendix and others. Linda’s training in supports her diverse clients in healthcare, manufacturing, software, family businesses, not for profit, oil and gas, education, and others



Tom Hardison, Leadership Advisor and Coach

Tom Hardison

I believe in creating a better future today, building relationships based on trust.  I partner with business owners, executives and professionals to achieve extraordinary outcomes. I help my clients Clarify what they want to create, and take action to get there; Build trust to accelerate innovation and growth; Develop leaders, teams, and culture; Lead strategic change and transformation; Navigate transitions, and Prepare for succession. I build on my experience leading strategic change initiatives in manufacturing and distribution, marketing, business development, integration of mergers and acquisitions, and corporate wide initiatives to integrate and improve marketing and sales operations at Hewlett Packard. I’m happy to explore with you the future you’d like to create, and how to help you get there.

Contact Tom at the Generative Leadership Group



Lindsay Burr Singla, MS

Lindsay Burr Singla

Lindsay Burr Singla, MS is Partner of The Yarbrough Group, a consulting group in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington, DC, USA, which provides a wide range of services worldwide for developing the human side of organizations. Lindsay presents truth while creating a safe space to assist clients in discerning action steps that fit their needs, budgets and mission. Her focus has been on helping organizations and people set and achieve goals that are tied to meaningful work. Her specialty is on the millennial perspectives on the multi-generational workplace. Lindsay has also developed and implemented trainings for women’s leadership in corporate, non-profit and military settings. Lindsay is currently in the Polarity Mastery Program, a two year program that positions graduates to offer the highest level consultation in Polarity Thinking™ for sustainable change and healthy organizations.



Nancy Gregory, Ph.D., RN

Nancy Gregory, Ph.D. has been a licensed psychologist for 13 years. She is trained in treating people who suffer symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. She also treats people who have difficulties in relationships and/or in parenting their children through her Parenting & Relationships course. She often uses the Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) in the therapy sessions, psycho-educational classes, and group treatments that she provides. She also finds the Polarity Approach is helpful in conduction psychological evaluations, particularly when the evaluation focuses on possible drug and alcohol use.


Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs was one of the first 12 Polarity Masters in the world. He has fully integrated this powerful practice and set of principles into his unique Real Time Strategic Change practice with companies, communities and countries around the world. As a pioneer in the field of large group interventions, he has dedicated his professional life to supporting people and organizations in creating fast and lasting results - whatever those that are desired may be. As a co-founder of Polarity Partnerships, he co-authored the first generation design and materials for Foundations in Polarity Thinking™ and was instrumental in translating the approach's basic concepts into The Polarity Assessment for Continuity and Transformation™. He has collaborated extensively with Polarity Thinking™ founder Barry Johnson for the past twenty years in writing, teaching, and consulting, advancing the field of leveraging Polarities toward achieving a shared Greater Purpose.

John Ledwith


John Ledwith is an Executive Leadership Coach and Organization Development Consultant with a strong passion for working with bright leaders to make a significant difference in their organizations. Clients report greater focus, awareness and insight, whether Senior Executives of billion dollar companies needing new strategies for a changing world, a non-profit board seeking to better change the world, or individuals ready for a change. John helps leaders expand strategic, operational and behavioral options when faced with complex challenges. With more confidence and new approaches, clients report greater impact and success with organizations, customers, and employees. John has 30+ years of experience in helping organizations:

  • Develop Strategies, Leaders, & Teams
  • Align Strategies with Business, Culture, & People
  • Manage Polarities, Change, Transitions & Succession

He has worked with Senior Executives of billion dollar companies, non-profit boards and individuals ready for a change His clients span science, engineering, research, development, defense, manufacturing, financial services, education, government, government contractors, healthcare, hospitality, and social services.

John lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An aspiring woodworker and musician, he is currently making his first classical guitar.

Jane Kise, Ed.D.

Dr. Kise is an executive coach and organizational consultant, specializing in team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution. Her current and past clients, across the United States and around the world, include NASA, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Independent Schools Queensland, Twin Cities Public Television, and numerous other financial and education institutions. She uses polarity thinking for strategic planning, executive coaching, and in helping learning teams move forward together.

Bert Parlee, Ph.D.

_Bert Parlee.jpg

Along with being a Polarity Master, Bert is a licensed clinical psychologist and contemplative psychotherapist. His coaching certification is from the College of Executive coaching, with additional certifications in the Leadership Development Profile, The Leadership Circle 360, MBTI, Enneagram and The Empowerment Dynamic. He is a founding member and former chief of staff of Ken Wilber's Integral Institute in Colorado. Previously, Bert served as CEO of Spectrum, a personal growth training organization. A published author, he has taught and served as clinical supervisor at several graduate schools. Bert is a Certified Forum Facilitator with the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) where he offers training locally and abroad. He currently serves as senior advisor and executive coach at Stagen in Dallas, and is a principal with “The Power of TED”. His main areas of focus involve multiple perspective taking, creative communication skills, developing emotional intelligence, and executive leadership team alignment, and working constructively with conflict. Experiencing film as the story-telling modality of our time, Bert will frequently bring movie moments into learning processes. 

A Canadian, Bert and wife Patti live in north Dallas where they enjoy family and friends, making music, golf, tennis, and various organizational gatherings. When possible, they love getting on the road and off the beaten path in locales both stateside and around the world.  

Scott Morrell

Scott Morrell's purpose is to equip, teach and challenge, values-driven leaders - no matter where they work – for higher levels of performance. Polarity Thinking™ and Polarity Assessment™ are marbled into much of Scott’s association with leaders, teams and organizations. Industries served: higher education, public sector, government, private business and healthcare. Scott’s organization development practice, Stone Arch Organization Development, is located in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN.

Charlie Garland

Charlie Garland is President of The Innovation Outlet, an independent team of innovation and business strategy consultants; he is also a Senior Fellow at HITLAB (Healthcare Innovation & Technology Laboratory) at Columbia University Medical Center. Charlie has helped drive innovation across a wide range of industries, organizations, and functional domains. He has developed an entire portfolio of novel innovation tools, methods, and logical models (Cognitive Buoyancy, The Innovation Cube, Value-Driven Thinking, and more).  He regularly works with business leaders to improve strategies, with Sales and Marketing professionals to improve lead generation and sales results, with doctors to reduce diagnostic errors, and with NASA to improve astronauts' cognitive performance.  He is currently developing polarity-driven methods to help teach CxO's, doctors, and other professionals to avoid "physician burnout" and/or executive stress.

Mr. Garland presented two keynote speeches at the ASQ (American Society of Quality) BOSCON conference in April, 2016 (see:, which received rave reviews from the audience and organizers alike.  They have since invited him to be part of their Pro-Track Educational Roadshow at all future ASQ conferences, the next occurring in Memphis in October, 2016.  These presentations were titled:

  • "Cognitive Buoyancy: The Trigger to Innovative Thinking"
  • "Leveraging Organizational Polarities: An Innovative Approach to Identifying, Reframing, and Addressing 'Unsolvable' Problems"

Copies of these presentations are available upon request.  Charlie regularly incorporates Polarity Thinking into every phase of his consulting and coaching methodologies -- both implicitly and explicitly, as appropriate.  Charlie earned his MBA from Tuck/Dartmouth and lives and works in New York City.

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts is passionate about helping leaders and teams improve the quality of their relationships to improve their lives. As a certified & licensed PACT™ Practitioner, Jason leads Polarity Workshops for leaders, organizations, coaches and consultants. His unique skill set combines management consulting frameworks with a deep knowledge of interpersonal development to understand the underlying dynamics and root causes of distress for a system.

Recently he co-founded Relationships Happen, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals foster deep and meaningful relationships both at home and in the workplace.

Peter Dupre

Peter Dupre - Partner/Sr. Vice Pres. Leadership, Discovery & Delivery

Peter is a seasoned educator, trainer and performance coach who designs and leads unique and challenging programs. He uses these skills as VP of Leadership Discovery and Delivery to build capacity in organizations and deliver polarity programs and services. Since 1985 he has been an adjunct faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), providing executive coaching, curriculum design, and custom program leadership. Peter is a pioneer in Action Learning and is a passionate world traveler, photographer, and wilderness explorer.

Susan Dupre

Susan Dupre - Partner/Sr. Vice Pres. Consultant Services and Support

Susan has 25 years guiding clients through all aspects of cultural and systems change.  She has mentored many consultants in the knowledge, skills of large system intervention methodologies,  preparing her well for her role of VP of Consultant Support Services, building capacity in consultants and in partner organizations as they adopt polarity thinking and The Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) into their lives, practices and organizations.  She has done extensive work in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, as an extension of her curiosity about other cultures. Susan loves collecting art – both from her world travels as well as from local artists.

Cliff Kayser

Cliff Kayser - Partner/Sr. Vice Pres. Coaching & Dean, Mastery Program

Cliff brings 25 years of experience as both a senior level internal OD positions (The Washington Post/The National Cooperative Bank) and as an external consultant and founder/president of Xperience LLC. He holds master’s degrees in HR and OD from American University, is a graduate of the Georgetown Executive Leadership Coaching program and a PCC credential through the International Coaching Federation. In 2007 Cliff completed construction of Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Center, which serves as a primary location for the Polarity Mastery program and hosts Foundations in PACT™ and Advanced Applications in PACT™ Certification programs. Cliff’s application of Polarity Thinking™ theory and application is supported by his lifelong passion for study and practice of eastern philosophy and tai chi/martial arts.

Leslie DePol

Leslie DePol is CEO and Co-Founder of Polarity Partnerships, an organization committed to helping leaders, teams, organizations, communities and nations to See, Map, Assess, Learn and Leverage the interdependent values, goals and competencies that show up in every change effort. With 20+ years experience in organization effectiveness consulting and executive coaching in both the public and private sectors, Leslie specializes in the development and execution of innovative strategies that engage and align people, processes, structures and systems with short-term realities and long-term vision. A seasoned entrepreneur, Leslie has built, run and transformed businesses, held bottom line accountability and led operations in sales, marketing and as a General Manager for franchise and Fortune 500 organizations. 

Chandra G. Irvin

Working throughout the U.S. and internationally, Chandra Irvin has learned it is often peace which individuals and groups seek as they address difficult issues—issues such as conflicts with others and within self, the tension of balancing competing values and priorities, the stress of constant change, the uncertainty of personal purpose, and the challenge of being true to self. Understanding and leveraging polarities is one of the key ways she partners with individuals and organizations to address these issues and help them experience greater peace, purpose and performance. Chandra and her husband, Nat, live in Louisville, KY and enjoy their three adult children, travel, sports, gardening, and occasionally kayaking.

Peter Whitt

Peter Whitt leverages core principles of Polarity Thinking™ and Gestalt Theory and practices to enhance outcomes for individuals, organizations and communities. Peter supports the work of clients through strategic planning, organizational intervening, leadership training, facilitation and coaching. He incorporates comprehensive community engagement practices for organizations to enhance the quality and valued relationship with their target audience. Peter held career leadership positions in healthcare and higher education addressing health disparities, research and health equity. He continues to work in both areas related to health. He strives to improve racial relationships through community engagement, understanding policy and promoting practices that support building a more equitable and humane society. Peter holds the title Maha Guru  (Senior Teacher) in KunTao and Silat system lineage of W. Reeders and A. Sikes.