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Chalmers Brothers

Polarity Certifications: PACT™ Foundations & Professional Applications
Naples, FL USA

Chalmers Brothers is a best-selling author, certified personal / executive coach, consultant, seminar leader and speaker.

His 32-year career focused on leadership development, workplace culture, productivity and accountability, teamwork and clarity in communication, emotional intelligence, trust- and
relationship-building. Chalmers books – Language and the Pursuit of Happiness (2005) and Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence (2015) have been adopted by the leadership / coaching programs including: 

• Georgetown University
• George Mason University
• Harley-Davidson Motor Company
• Newfield Network (U.S., Europe, Asia)
• NASA/Goddard Space Center

Chalmers earned his Engineering undergraduate degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA) and MBA from Louisiana State University.  

Chalmers and his wife of 31 years have 3 grown children and live in Naples FL. He enjoys traveling with family, fishing, golf, kayaking and running.  Longtime member of Pelican Bay Rotary Club and active in other civic and church-related activities.

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